Hi, I’m Jaime!

I like taking photos of things. In particular, happy and momentous things. People sharing laughter, smiles, tears of joy, things that only happen once in your lifetime, I want to take photos that you treasure to one day show your children and grandchildren.

I started taking photography seriously when I began traveling overseas about 6 years ago. I wanted to capture and document what I saw, create memories, as well as show everyone back home what I was getting up to. I started, like most people, with landscape and general travel photography. After a while I wanted more than just sunsets and tourist attractions, and I began doing some street style photography in cities such as Rome, New Delhi & Saigon. This evolved into working with families, models, and artists, mainly around the UK. During my travels I worked in a studio in Manchester doing still life and product photography where I gained invaluable lighting and editing skills. Whilst in London I had some great opportunities, and was lucky enough to document music festivals where I came face to face with some of my favourite artists and musicians. These experiences and the people I have met along the way are what makes my photography what is is today. While my creative style continues to evolve, I now focus on family sessions, weddings and portraits here in my home town of Brisbane.

If you think you'd like me take some photos of you or your family, please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Click the 'Email Me' link above, or just email me at jaime@thisislifephotography.com.au